3 Things to Consider When Picking out your Wedding Venue

3 Things to Consider When Picking out your Wedding Venue

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1. Does it have the ambiance feel you are looking? Do you want an indoor or outdoor wedding? Do you want that rustic country setting or that elegant romantic setting? Once you determine your theme then you can search for that perfect place!


2. How many guests are you planning on having? Some venues are smaller and will allow 50-100 and others are bigger giving you 300 guests as an option!


3. What is included in your price? Are the chairs, tables, benches, wedding planner included or is this a separate charge?


Once you answer these questions you will be able to narrow down your search for the exact venue of your Dreams!


Here at Wisteria Ridge, we have all the above! We are an indoor/outdoor venue that can look as rustic and county as you wish or put on the most Elegant Romantic wedding ever!  We are large enough to hold 300 guests but also can put on a great Event with just 50 of your closest friends!


Oh, and what is included in our price?


We do not believe in the “nickel and dime” approach! Our starting package includes all tables, chairs, and benches for up to 300 guests, rehearsal, the venue all day Saturday, a wedding planner, ice, set up and clean up, 2 bar attendants, Bridal suite, Grooms quarters, catering kitchen, indoor facilities, shuttle, pond with fountain, string and decorative lighting, parking attendants, and even more!


You can contact us or schedule a tour by calling 540-238-5863!


Let Wisteria Ridge, help make your special moment a stress free, wonderful day!💕💕


Happy Wedding Planning,


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