Best Wedding Dates for 2019 and 2020 and What Dates to Avoid

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Best Wedding Dates for 2019 and 2020 and What Dates to Avoid

November 15, 2018 jeff 0

Best Wedding Dates for 2019 and 2020 and What Dates to Avoid

Are you engaged and looking to pick a date for the big day? Discover the best wedding dates for 2019 and 2020 and what dates to avoid.

Did you know that weddings in the United States are on a slow rise? After all, around 2.25 million couples get married on a yearly basis, and it’s expected for the number to rise little by little as the years go by.

This means planning a wedding got a lot harder. There are more couples also hoping to snag the date you want. This could limit your choices in terms of indoor and outdoor venues, ministers, and bands available.

If you want your wedding dates to become more memorable, you need to pick the best wedding dates. As mentioned, the date you pick can have a significant impact on your wedding plans.

There are a lot of wedding dates to avoid in 2019, but what about the perfect wedding dates? Read on and find out which ones can affect your wedding the most.

Best Wedding Dates for 2019

If you want to get the best experience for your wedding, here are some specific dates you can use since these dates have a lot of significance but are more convenient. They’re great since your guests are more or less available during these times:

1. February 15, 2019

This month sure is full of love in the atmosphere. But it’s important to set your wedding date after Valentine’s Day. It’s practical and both your single and taken friends will be grateful for your consideration.

One thing you should consider is the fact that this date also falls on a Friday. It makes for the most romantic winter wedding you can ever ask for.

2. May 19, 2019

Are you wishing for a royal wedding? Then this date is perfect for you! May 19th was Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding date. In addition to this, the number 19 is a lucky number.

You can make your wedding theme something similar to the Royal Wedding. It can become a glamorous, memorable day where you feel like a true monarch.

3. Labor Day Weekend

If you want your wedding night to be long and full of fun, you need to set the date on this day. With the extra day for recovery, you can dance and get crazy all night long, making it beneficial to both you and your guests.

Labor Day weekend in 2019 is perfect, especially if you have people coming from far places. That means they don’t need to take the day off to travel to your wedding venue. It’s convenient and they’ll thank you for your consideration.

4. December 22, 2019

This is the first day of winter if you’re living in the Northern Hemisphere. December 22 is the Winter Solstice and has a cold atmosphere. That might seem bad for a wedding date, but it’s a day that’s both calm and full of reflection.

The days will have long, dark nights, but your wedding day becomes a special symbol of eternal love. It’s a kind of love that becomes the light even in dark days.

Wedding Dates to Avoid

There are days where people become unavailable, and in most cases, it’s because they’re celebrating a holiday with their family. Other times, people are busy and would rather do something else.

Make sure to avoid these dates to ensure maximum attendance. It also helps in avoiding unwanted resentment from your family and friends.

1. Mother’s Day (Always a Sunday)

Always consider what your mothers feel when you set your wedding date this weekend. Will they be okay with it? If you have friends or other family members with their own families, it’s possible that they might have plans already.

Finally, you need to ask whether you want your wedding anniversary on the same date as this event. It might not be that complex at first, but it all becomes complicated when you become a mom.

For 2019, the dates for Mother’s Day are May 11-12. Keep that in mind if you want to avoid the blunder.

2. Halloween

If you’re fond of all things horror, this might not be a date to avoid. But of course, it’s important to consider other people’s opinion on Halloween as well since some of your more conservative friends and loved ones might not approve of it.

Besides, some people get terrified if someone shows up in a Michael Myers costume.

Remember, the new “Halloween” movie broke the box office records at $33.3 million on its opening weekend. It’s popular right now and it’s not far-off for someone to appear dressed up as this character. That could cause some real chaos at your wedding.

3. Super Bowl Sunday

If you have a lot of friends that are die-hard sports fans, you need to avoid February 3 next year as a wedding date. They’re either in Atlanta, Georgia watching the Super Bowl live or at their home enjoying it. You don’t want to make them attend your wedding with resentment.

Besides, it’s possible that they’ll start watching it on their smartphones either way. That might cause some rifts between you and them. That’s why it’s safe to avoid it instead of pushing your luck.

4. The Ides of March (March 15, 2019)

If you’re superstitious, you might want to avoid this date. After all, it was the actual date when Julius Caesar got assassinated back in 44 B.C. Before that, ancient Romans only saw “ides” as the date that signified the middle of any month.

Since the assassination, “Beware the Ides of March” became a solid proverb. That means you need to avoid this inauspicious date due to the inherent bad luck it has.

Get the Best Wedding Dates Today!

If you’re planning for your wedding, you need to give a serious thought about your wedding dates. You don’t want it to fall on days where people are busy or unavailable. While some can push themselves to go, they might start resenting you for it.

You can use these dates as a means of determining the best wedding dates for you. It’s great if you want it to become memorable and grand since it’s your special day, after all, you deserve it!

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